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Solid-State Electric Meters  A- AB- AP- ABP-

Intellimeter® A series 3-phase 3-element meter provides data over power line carrier while the AP meter generates pulses for communication with an external transmitter.

The Option for dual metering is also available. The AB meter provides data for two loads over power line carrier, while the ABP meter generates pulses for communication with an external transmitter. With two meters in one single enclosure, installation and equipment cost per metered load is reduced.

Intellimeter® Register is a standalone, convenient, cost-effective, and solid-state demand meter that measures and records electrical energy usage in submetering and tenant monitoring applications such as commercial buildings, apartments/condos, shopping malls, military bases, and other multiple point operations.

The Intellimeter® register provides accurate and reliable information to help you allocate electrical energy expenses.

RG2 Solid-State Electric Meter

The Intellimeter® Central Station is the hub of the Intellimeter® System of intelligent utility metering. The system is ideal for tenant monitoring applications.

The Central Station receives communications from Intellimeter® A, A5, AB, and AB5 series electricity meters, R2 repeaters, and PM2 pulse monitors via power line carrier signals over existing power lines, which lets you automatically read electrical energy and other utility usages at remote locations.

Central Station

Intellimeter Central Station

OSC  Intellimeter®

Standalone RG2

Solid-State Electric Meter